Secret Society of Disney Nerds

12 Jul

Friends, family members, and coworkers have always recognized me as “the Disney girl”.  I’m the one that people have made fun of for my fascination with Disney parks, films, and history.  Those fun-makers are the ones who end up asking for help when planning their Disney vacation, and of course, I am happy to assist.

About two years ago, my husband was listening to a podcast in the car on our way up to visit his parents.  I had never really downloaded podcasts because I’ve always been pro-music/anti-talk on the radio.  He then raised a point that I had never considered: there’s a podcast for everything.  Out of curiosity, I decided to search for Disney podcasts and found the WDW Radio Show hosted by Lou Mongello. I started with episode 1 and ended up listening to four episodes over the weekend.  I was elated.  There was another person in the world that was a Disney fanatic and was not at all embarrassed about it.  He was shouting it from a mountain top! (shouting = talking at a normal volume, mountain top = iTunes)

Lou had requested that his listeners spread the word by “tweeting out” when we were listening, and I was happy to do just that.  I created a Twitter handle about a year ago and through its magical ways, I’ve come across countless Disney girls and boys.  It was like I had stumbled upon a Secret Society of Disney Nerds, and it has been so much FUN!  It’s really refreshing to talk to other people who “just get it”.

I’m amazed at how this Secret Society of Disney Nerds has become a fairly prominent part of my life.  Tweetups, podcasts, blogs, planning resources, etc. did not exist (for me) until about a year ago.  My friends, family, and coworkers no longer recognize me as simply “the Disney girl”.  Now, I’m “the crazy Disney girl”. BUT I know I’m not alone! Cue “There’s a Great Big Beautiful Tomorrow”.


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