For Purple Mountain Majesties

25 Jul

I thought I’d share some photos from our three days of fun.  We explored Denver and its surrounding areas.

Our first day in Colorado, we drove to Rocky Mountain National Park.  I had never visited the park before, so I was excited to see something new.  Some portions of the road up into the mountains weren’t protected by any guard rails, so I was occasionally a nervous wreck.  Other than that, the drive was beautiful.  We stopped a few times on the way up – first to look at the aspen trees (cause I love how their leaves seem to sparkle in the sun) and next to spend time at the Forest Canyon overlook (elevation 11,720’).

The weather was absolutely perfect at the overlook.  It was clear, dry, and 72°F.  On the way back to our hotel in downtown Denver, the temperature rose to 96°F.  Yowza!

Our second day was a repeat of one of my family’s trips to Colorado Springs a long time ago.  I do remember a lot from that trip, but that didn’t make our day any less exciting to me.  We started out by visiting the United States Air Force Academy.  We spent some time in Cadet Chapel.  All the glowing windows inside sort of reminded me of Space Mountain.  Yes, I can relate anything to Disney.

In the visitor’s center, they have a small model of a cadet room.  Of course I immediately thought of Zoolander, “What IS this? A cadet room for ANTS?!…it needs to be at least three times bigger than this.”

We finished our day with a visit to US Olympic Training Center and then made a loop around Garden of the gods.

This rock formation is called “Balanced Rock”.

Our final day of fun was spent touring Coors Field.  Although I’m not a baseball fan per se, I am always willing to visit an MLB field.  The grass is so PRETTY.  This particular field is unique because it has the Rockies (the mountain range, not the name of the team) as a backdrop.

A lovely trip in a beautiful part of the country!


3 Responses to “For Purple Mountain Majesties”

  1. Mom July 26, 2011 at 11:37 am #

    Very nice. Glad ur having fun. Love u

  2. Suesmouse August 3, 2011 at 9:33 pm #

    Welcome to the Rockies! We live in Denver and see Long’s Peak from our backyard deck. Colorado is very beautiful. It is also very dry here and the air is thinner then what flatlanders are used to! I hope you managed to breathe well without having to haul an oxygen tank around…hehehe…we are used to it..

    There is no Disney here so we love to go to California, (where we are from originally) and Florida, so much so that we are moving to Florida, to the Orlando area this Fall or in the Spring. We have not made our minds up whether to stay to enjoy another beautiful, cold, crisp and white snowy winter before we leave for the flatlands… Tropical sunshine, here we come!!!

    • malloryobryant August 3, 2011 at 10:35 pm #

      Denver is a very nice city! Fortunately, we didn’t need any oxygen tanks while we were there. Thank goodness. 🙂 Congratulations on the upcoming move!

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