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Girly Things: All-Over Face Makeup Favorites

21 Jul

First things first: I am not a makeup artist.  That being said, I think makeup is wonderful.  I don’t feel “ready” until I have my makeup on.  On the other hand there are plenty of times when I’m home on the weekend and I’m too lazy to put some on, so I’ll run errands or go out to eat without it.  That’s not a big deal.

But, I love when I have a lot of time to get ready because that means I get to play with my makeup.  Playing means spending extra time with whatever new product/pigment I’m trying or being more precise during application.

To me, the most important step in makeup application is “prepping the canvas”.  Sure, eyes and lips are the most fun, but if the all-over face makeup doesn’t look flawless, no one will even notice your eyes or lips.  Evening out your skin tone and doing some highlighting and contouring make a huge difference.

At this point in time, these are some of my favorites for all-over face and cheek makeup (including bronzer & blush).  Most of the Laura Mercier and Cover FX products came recommended by the YouTube makeup guru, Kandee Johnson.  I tried them out and have been very pleased.

Primer: Laura Mercier Foundation Primer

Foundation:  Laura Mercier Liquid Foundation

(I use moisturizing in the winter and oil-free in the summer)

Concealer: Cover FX Total Coverage Cream Foundation

(Although it’s a cream foundation, it works really well as concealer)

Setting Powder: Laura Mercier Loose Setting Powder

Bronzer: Bare Minerals All-Over Face Color in Faux Tan

Blush: NARS Blush in Desire

Cheek Shimmer: Bare Minerals All-Over Face Color in Clear Radiance

(I don’t wear this all the time, but it’s fun to wear occasionally)

What are your favorites?  I’m always on the hunt for new products, so please comment below if you use anything that you think is worth a try.  Thanks!


Used-to-be-Fun and Newly-Fun

15 Jul

Sometimes I miss doing things that I once considered fun.  How can I get that back?  It’s okay if I’m discovering new fun things to replace the old ones, but occasionally the list of used-to-be-fun things is longer.

Example: I used to love to go to movies.  It didn’t matter what time of day it was or really even what movie it was.  I was game for anything.  Now, I have to be 100% certain that I’m going to like the movie. It has to be early in the day.  It has to be showing at one of the two theaters I like in town; they’re the cleanest and have the best popcorn.  We have to arrive at least 30 minutes before the movie to make sure we don’t have to sit in front and to see the previews.  So many rules!

Another one: I used to love to run.  Now this one goes WAY back – back to around 3rd or 4th grade.  I think most kids between the ages of 2 and 10 like to run.  And jump.  Especially when you get a new pair of tennis shoes that make you run faster.  Or light up. Then that all changed.  Running is now miserable.  Why run when you can walk?  Or better yet, drive. And you get all sweaty and tired.  Why put yourself through that?

Fortunately, there are a few things that were once not fun to me that have become fun.  One of the weird ones is ironing.  I now enjoy ironing.  Who knew?  It’s very relaxing to me, and I get instant gratification from it.  Wow! That garment was wrinkled and NOW look!  Side-note: I highly recommend using Magic Sizing (“Light Body Without Stiffness”).

I try to focus my attention on the newly-fun and still-fun things, but I would love to be able to pull some of the used-to-be-fun things back to the still-fun side.  Maybe some of them will loop back around.  Do you have any used-to-be-fun things that you miss or newly-fun things that were unexpected?